The Pedcast - Uplifting Dance Music!


October 9, 2012

About The Pedcast:

The Pedcast is a podcast run by London based DJ Ped in which is intends to showcase the very best of uplifting dance music across a multitude of genres.  If you like music that helps to put a smile on your face then this is the perfect podcast for you!

About PED:

PED has been rocking dancefloors since the beginning of 2004, when he won a DJ competition being run by Spiritualised who he subsequently took up a residency with.

Since then he has played at a growing number of promotions in and around London including Knowwhere, Event Horizon, Spangulation, Zoology, Puzzle Project, Alumni and Odyssey in seminal clubs such as Turnmills, Hidden, Union, Jacks, The Soundshaft, The Factory, Club 414, George IV and Electrowerkz. He has held residencies for Sunrise (at Club 414) and Spiritualised (at Fortress Studios/Soundshaft) for several years and now runs his own promotion, Psy-N-Tific, at Union in Vauxhall which started in 2004 and is now approaching it's 3rd birthday!

He describes his sound as 'Uplifting Dance Music' and although he is mostly found banging out psy-trance, the uplifting music philosophy he has applies to whichever genres he turns his hands to (such as trance, house and hard dance) as you can hear for yourself from the glut of mixes he has available to download from his website at